Govt cancels licenses of 2,406 NGOs citing FCRA violation


The government of India has now cancelled the licences of 2,406 Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) across the country, which includes entities that run schools and hospitals. In the wake of the cancellation of their registrations, the NGOs would not be able to receive foreign funds.

According to official data, Maharashtra is right on top of the list with the cancellation of licences of 964 NGOs followed by Uttar Pradesh with 740 and Karnataka with 614. The licences of 88 NGOs were cancelled in Tamil Nadu.
These cancellations have taken place between June 19 till Tuesday, officials said.

The decision to cancel the registration of these entities under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act was taken by the Union Home Ministry after the NGOs allegedly failed to submit their annual returns and in view of other anomalies.

Reports suggest that all the organisations were given proper notice by the Foreigners’ Division of the Home Ministry with adequate time to reply before their FCRA licences were cancelled.

In two earlier rounds of crackdown this year, licences of nearly 13,470 NGOs were cancelled for alleged violation of FCRA.