Girls drugged in UP shelter home, sent to Gorakhpur to entertain ‘powerful guests’ so they didn’t feel pain


Remember the shocking revelation made in the Deoria shelter home in August this year? The Muzaffarpur-like horror stories had come to light after the Uttar Pradesh Police racket busted a sex racket involving minor girls. As many as 24 minor girls were rescued in the operation.

These girls lived in a shelter home called Maa Vindhyavasini Mahila and Balika Sanrakshan Griha in Deoria. Police have now recorded witness statements and the revelations indicate involvements of powerful people in the state. According to some witnesses, these girls, as young as 15 and below, would be drugged and sent to entertain ‘powerful guests’ so that they didn’t feel pain, reported Times of India.

These statements were reportedly recorded by the UP ;Police Women’s Cell soon after the matter came to light in August under 161 and 164 CrPC. Later, they also became part of the charge-sheet submitted by the UP Police SIT before the Allahabad high court.

In August, Deoria SP Rohan P Kanay was quoted by ANI, “One of the girls escaped from the shelter home, came to us and said they are treated like servants. She also said that cars come to pick girls above 15 years old and the girls come crying the next day. Investigation is underway.”

In fresh revelations, a 12-year-old girl reported said in her statement, “Hum logo ko ladko ke paas bhejne se pehle woh humko koi dawa khilati thi. Unka kehna tha iss dawa se tum logo ko dard nahi hoga (They used to feed us a medicine before sending us to boys. They would tell us that this medicine will make sure that there’s no pain).”

A 13-year-old girl, according to ToI report, said in her statement, “Badi madam dhamkati thi, kehti thi, maar dalenge. Tumko police ke saamne kuch nahi batana aur yadi police wale aayenge toh kuch utha kar maar dena aur bade log aayenge toh unke saath mauj masti karna (Madam used to threaten us with action. She would tell us not to share anything with police and fight the cops if they came looking. She would ask us to have fun with people in powerful positions).”

Another 12-year-old girl revealed that Girja Tripathi, the owner of the shelter home, would send her in a car to Gorakhpur, hometown of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, 4-5 times every month. she reportedly said in her statement, “A car would come around 4pm and the next morning, people would drop us back. Each time there was a different person. Sometimes, men would come on bikes.”

Each time men picked up girls from the shelter home, they reportedly paid cash to Girija.


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