Former Bigg Boss contestant Sara Khan in trouble, slapped with legal notice


Remember Sara Khan, a former Bigg Boss contestant, who had shot to limelight after she got married on the reality TV show with Ali Merchant. She was then embroiled in another controversy following her nasty break-up with Ali.

Sara and Rajeev

Sara had recently made her digital debut with show Bitchy Bee while partnering with choreographer Rajeev Khinchi. In Bitchy Bee, she tells how people get bitchy during various situations which might come up in their lives. She had released the first episode few days ago. Just before the release of the second episode, scheduled for Tuesday (tomorrow), Sara was slapped with a legal notice by Rajeev, who asked her to edit certain portions of the show.

A source told that the second episode focused on a party sequence where they get drunk and get bitchy. To make the sequence real, Sara invited some friends to be part of it and Rajeev was one of them.

Rajeev is reportedly unhappy because he shot those scenes thinking they were never meant for broadcast. He’s now demanded the removal of those scenes from the second episode. Sara is also the producer of Bitchy Bee.

Rajeev told the website, “Yes, my lawyer is talking to Sara’s lawyer. However, I can’t elaborate on this.” Sara, for her part, said, “I don’t want to talk about it. Rajeev is a friend and I am still figuring it out what has gone wrong.”