Foreigners will be allowed to eat beef in Haryana but not Indians


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Khattar has said he was open to the idea of allowing foreigners living in his state to consume beef through special permit.

A report published in The Hindu quoted Khattar as saying, “If we have to work out some facility for them [foreigners] to be able to [consume beef]… we will do it. It could be a special licence… [as] whatever is licensed, no one can oppose [under] the law.”

He said that the ban on beef in Haryana was only to keep in line with Haryanvi customs.

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He added, “Everyone has a personal lifestyle for eating and drinking, especially those who come from abroad… we don’t have any opposition to that. In fact, we are not opposing this for anyone.”

Khattar’s comments assumed significance in light of his statement made in October last year that Muslims should have had to give up on beef if they wished to live in India.

Khattar had said, “Muslims can continue to live in this country, but they will have to give up eating beef as the cow is an article of faith here”.

He later told the media here that his statement had been “twisted” by the daily.

However, later the audio carried by the newspaper had ‘exposed’ his lies.

A political greenhorn and first-time legislator, Khattar, a former RSS pracharak, was chosen by the BJP to head its first government in Haryana last year, overlooking the claims more experienced leaders.