“For too long now, Twitter has indulged in online bullying”: BJP MP Varun Gandhi reacts angrily after receiving notice from social media platform


BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Thursday lashed out at Twitter as he accused the microblogging site of indulging in ‘online bullying.’ This was after Twitter informed the BJP parliamentarian that it had received a request from the Indian ‘Law Enforcement’ regarding his Twitter account.

BJP MP Varun Gandhi

The notice by Twitter read, “In the interest of transparency, we are writing to inform you to inform that Twitter has received a request from the Indian Law Enforcement regarding your Twitter account, @varungandhi80, that claims the following content violates the law(s) of India.”

The notice further added that Twitter had refused to take any action against Varun Gandhi as it the social media platform did not think he violated any laws.

Reacting to the notice, Gandhi tweeted, “Twitter advocates for free expression, but fails in deed. I am certain I have violated no law and that no law agency would have found anything offensive in my tweets. @Twitter should clarify their basis for such correspondence. Shocked by their behaviour.”

He went on to add, “For too long now,Twitter has indulged in online bullying of our citizens for their diversity of political views to make us conform with their “woke” propaganda. It should stay a platform,not an ostracizing tribunal.This harassment of Indians will not fly with the law of the land.”

The BJP lawmaker said that Twitter must disclose the particular Indian law enforcement agency, which had approached the social media giant to take action against his account. He wrote, “I have put out these tweets after enquiring from all possible avenues connected with the Indian law enforcement within the Govt. If @Twitter really has received a complaint regarding my content,let it share the said legal notice & its provenance “in the interest of transparency”.”

Gandhi tweets came on the day the Karnataka High Court restrained the UP Police from arresting Twitter chief, Manish Maheshwari, in a case related to the video of Muslim man being attacked in Ghaziabad.