Father ‘forced to carry 9-month-old baby’s dead body in auto-rickshaw’ ahead of Yogi’s visit


In yet another shocking instance of insensitivity, a father was reportedly forced by the hospital administration in Gorakhpur to carry the dead body of his baby so that it could be a hindrance to the security arrangement of Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Yogi Adityanath.

Photo: Indian Express

Adityanath was scheduled to visit the Gorakhpur hospital, where more than 60 children have died due to stop in oxygen supply in the past one week.

A correspondent working for news channel, News Nation, reported that a father he spoke to said that the hospital administration had forced him to carry his baby’s dead body in an auto-rickshaw while not providing an ambulance to the grieving family.

The father told the channel, “The lady doctors asked us to take our 9-month-old baby. What options have I got now. I will now take the dead body of my baby in an auto-rickshaw and bury him.”

The reporter said that he personally found the act utterly insensitive.

Meanwhile, Congress party, which had demanded the resignation of Adityanath and probe headed by Supreme Court, on Sunday called the state government ‘murderer.’ Senior leader, Raj Babbar told reporters that he held Adityanath responsible for the ‘murder’ of children in Gorakhpur hospital.

At least 30 children died in a government run hospital in Gorakhpur, the home town of Uttar Pradesh chief ministter, Yogi Adityanath, on Friday due to stop in supply of liquid oxygen. This took the death toll to 60 as more children had died of same reason in the week.

There was a report of one more child’s death in the same hospital on Sunday.

Aditynath, whose Uttar Pradesh government, came under heavy criticism on Saturday for the monumental lapses, held a press conference last evening, when he denied the deaths had taken place due to stop in oxygen supply.

His health minister, Sidharth Nath Singh, had shockingly said that children’s deaths in August were annual affair.

On Sunday, Adityanath arrived in Gorakhpur, his home town, along with Union Health Minister JP Nadda,