Expelled IIT Roorkee students stage protests outside campus, joined by hundreds


The expelled students of IIT Roorkee launched protests outside the campus on Thursday after the Uttarakhand high court rejected their petition requesting for the withdrawal of expulsion order.

IIT Roorkee had expelled 73 students because of their below five CGPA in semester examinations earlier this month. This decision had angered the 6000-odd students of the campus. More than 90 percent of these expelled students belonged to reserved category i.e. from SC/SCT/OBC.

The aggrieved students then moved Uttarakhand, but failed to get a favourable judgement.

These students have no begun staging protests outside the campus. Hundreds of other students have also joined them in their demand.

Speaking to www.jantakareporter.com, protesting students said their situation was desperate and urged the authorities to take their decision on expulsion back.

One student said, “This morning we met the Dean once again, but he simply refused to help us citing the High Court order. This has placed us in a desperate situation. It’s a question of our future and we don’s know what we should do other than holding silent protests outside the campus.”

The campus, which was closed for a long summer vacation, opened on July 14. The order expelling the 73 students had come while the students were away on vacation.