(EXCLUSIVE) Watch and read the most candid interview with DCW chief Swati Maliwal


Delhi Commission for Women chief, Swati Maliwal, has said that the women’s body in the capital had become a den of politics during her predecessors’ time adding that she will ‘not allow’ it to be used to carry out political battle.

In her first on-camera interview with www.jantakareporter.com’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid, Maliwal said, “Mera bas ek hi approach hai. Chaahe woh LG ho, kendra sarkaar ho, police ho yaa phir Dilli sarkar, naa hi main rajneeti karti hoon aur naa main kisi ko rajneeti karne dungi mahilaaon ke mudde par. (My approach is simple. Whether it’s the LG, the central government, the police or the Delhi government, neither do I do politics nor will I allow anyone to play politics on the issue of women’s issues.”

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On whether she had to work hard to maintain her neutrality while dealing with complaints from the Aam Aadmi Party MLA, Alka Lamba and Somnath Bharti case, Maliwal said that she was not here to ‘prove any point.’

“This is the way I am. I’m not a political person, I’m an activist. I want to reach out to those women, who don’t have voice in the society,” she said.

Maliwal, who has impressed even her detractors with her non-confrontational approach, stressed that the DCW needed to work together with all the stakeholders in Delhi. And it seems her approach is already yielding rich dividends. Recounting one experience, she said that the Union Home Minister had instantly given her time for meeting when she sought an audience with him.

“Rajnath Singh ji instantly called me. I presented five proposals to him. He ordered action on one while I was there and promised to act on others in timeliness manner. However, I was not lucky with the LG, who obliged my request for meeting after a lot of persuasion. The meeting for the Coordination Committee won Women’s Safety was scheduled after a very long time. I was very hurt with the lack of response from the LG because women’s issues mustn’t be allowed to wait. ”

Maliwal said that she was preparing a fool-proof plan on the rehabilitation of rape victims which she intends to present to Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal.

She said, “I’m preparing a foo-proof plan, so fool=proof that it doesn’t get rejected. I’m talking to several experts regarding this. I firmly believe that the State must take responsibility to rehabilitate the child victims of rape.”

Expressing her shock on lack of conviction in crimes against women, Maliwal said that the delay in filing chargesheet meant that the victims were denied justice they deserved.

She said, “In 2014, there were 11000 cases of rapes, only 3500 chargesheet were filed and shockingly there were only 9 convictions.This is perhaps the only reason why no body has the fear of police….One of the reasons police is not able to convict the victims is because the investigation process is extremely slow. In one case where the rape victim was just 10-year-old girl, it took Delhi police 20 months to file the chargesheet. When will she get justice?”

On lighter note, she also informed that her in-laws in Haryana addressed her as lugaayiyon ki DC (Deputy Commissioner of women). She said she indebted to Anna Hazare because it was during the India against CXorruption movement, where she had met her husband Naveen Jaihind.