(EXCLUSIVE) Top secret DDCA bid to strike ‘compromise’ between ‘corrupt’ directors


Qaiser Mohammad Ali


A highly secretive resolution within the DDCA, on instructions from the ‘top’, to “officially” give a clean chit to some of its top officials allegedly involved in “embezzlement” of funds has been badly defeated, leaving some high and mighty people red faced.

The 27 DDCA directors clandestinely circulated as many as 12 resolutions among themselves, seeking to absolve some of them of all kinds of allegations — particularly to quash all police complaints, FIRs, suits, and charges of financial irregularity against some of them and give themselves clean chits.

However, 18 of these directors joined hands to defeat four contentious resolutions that pertained to “financial embezzlement” and DDCA president SP Bansal, who has been suspended by the very same directors for alleged financial irregularities, said sources.

Interestingly, two of the three government nominees – all BJP members — on the 27-strong DDCA executive board have opposed and rejected the four specific resolutions that sought to a clean chit to several directors, including Bansal, who has since been replaced by Chetan Chauhan, named ‘working president’ through a separate resolution by circulation.

Of the three BJP nominees two – Parvesh Verma, Member of Parliament and son of late Delhi CM Sahib Singh Verma, and Rajan Tiwari — opposed the four resolutions and approved the rest eight resolutions. Only Sunil Yadav approved all 12 resolutions. Parvesh Verma’s brother Sidharth S. Singh, a DDCA director, also opposed these four resolutions.

Bansal has been charged for transferring Rs 1.55 crore to three private companies without approval of the DDCA executive board.

“The resolutions, which were moved on specific instructions from ‘someone powerful’ in the central government, were circulated by DDCA secretary general Anil Khanna, and 24 directors signed the resolutions – either supporting or opposing them – while three completely ignored them, strategically,” a source told JantaKaReporter.com

There were a few reasons for circulating these resolutions, he said. “One was that the India-South Africa Test match was coming up at the Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium (starting from December 3). The other main reason was that there were concerted efforts from certain quarters from the top echelons of the national government to take back allegations of financial embezzlement against some specific DDCA officials,” said the source.

“But since a ‘neutral group’, which was instrumental in ‘establishing’ through an in-house fact finding report that financial embezzlement had indeed taken place, some people in and outside the DDCA were not feeling discomfortable.”

The source said since the DDCA executive committee meetings were deliberately being sabotaged by a group within the association, the ‘someone powerful’ instructed to float the resolutions by circulation.

The four contentious resolutions, which highly secretly sought to strike a compromise between directors and give them clean chits, but were defeated, are:

(D) Resolved that with reference to the judicial verdict Dated 28-2-2015 passed in Suit No. 11/15, and in supersession of the resolutions challenged in the said suit, with respect to the “allegations of illegal embezzlement of funds & suspension of Mr SP Bansal, president, and Mr Anil Khanna, general secretary, DDCA” is hereby withdrawn and all the decision(s) taken by the Executive Committee with regard to the aforesaid charges are hereby withdrawn since from the records it is revealed and duly confirmed that there is no monetary loss to the DDCA and the decision to invest the money for better returns were within the knowledge of few of the functional Directors of the Company.

(E) Resolved, that in supersession of all earlier resolutions the “Report of the Fact Finding Enquiry Committee” and the findings arrived at by the committee are hereby withdrawn.

(F) Resolved, further that in supersession of all earlier resolutions the “Show Cause Notice Dated 12-1-2015 vide Ref. No. 691/2015 and reminder Dated 29-1-2015 vide Ref. NO. 744/2015” and all other notices or letters issued to Sh SP Bansal, President, DDCA, are hereby rejected and withdrawn.

(G) Resolved, further that all complaints, police complaints, FIR, suit, litigations of any nature being filed or contested by DDCA Executive Committee Board members or their proxy and/or filed against the DDCA Executive Committee Board Directors and office-bearers or thru their proxy or suits filed by them seeking relief with regard to the unfounded allegations of embezzlement of funds, allegations of financial irregularity, their ‘suspension’ and ‘stripping of powers as President & general secretary respectively” and other charges be withdrawn by all against all office bearers or directors of DDCA in terms of the resolutions hereby being passed today.

Apart from the 12 resolutions, two additional resolutions were circulated separately among the 27 DDCA directors – again on instructions from the same “someone powerful” in the central government.

However, by signing the balance sheet and accounts doesn’t necessarily mean that the BCCI will also accept that balance sheet happily and allow the DDCA to host the five-day Test match at Ferozeshah Kotla.

With Shashank Manohar at the BCCI helm and the Supreme Court-appointed RM Lodha Committee set to submit next month its report on reforms in the Board, the DDCA’s chances of hosting the Test look dim at the moment – until something dramatic happens.

“As of today, the DDCA has very little chance of hosting the Test match, except if the Delhi government give relief in the Rs 24 crore entertainment tax demand case,” the source said. “After all, the DDCA hasn’t submitted its balance sheet for two years, 2013-14 and 2014-15, and this is extremely shameful for a senior BCCI affiliate like the DDCA.”

“However, this balance sheet has been signed by camouflaging the contentious figure of Rs 1.55 crore, which has been one of most contentious issues raging for over a year,” he said.

Another source said that the DDCA was on Thursday preparing to send to the BCCI the 2013-14 balance sheet. However, the internal auditor’s report, which exposed massive corruption and financial irregularities in the DDCA and caused mayhem at the Kotla, would not be sent.

The names of the three companies to which Bansal allegedly without authority transferred Rs 1.55 crore — Vidhan Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., Maple Infrareality Pvt Ltd, and Shri Ram Tradecom Pvt Ltd. – was highlighted by the same internal auditor’s report. Bansal’s act was later confirmed through an internal inquiry done of the DDCA directors.

DDCA treasurer Ravinder Manchanda said that the DDCA would also not send the directors’ report (a regular feature of the balance sheet) in which he informed a note would be written, saying that Bansal transferred the amount without due diligence.