EXCLUSIVE: Rahul Gandhi breaks silence on EVM controversy, expresses serious concerns

Photo: Janta Ka Reporter

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has expressed serious concerns on the dubious malfunctioning of EVMs in the ongoing Lok Sabha polls. Speaking exclusively to Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief Rifat Jawaidthe Congress president said that he was alarmed by reports of malfunctioning and suspicious activities of EVMs.

Rahul Gandhi
Photo: Janta Ka Reporter

This is the first time Gandhi has chosen to speak about EVMs and questions raised against the machines. He said, “At present there are serious concerns that haven’t been addressed. Across India, there are reports of thousands of EVM’s malfunctioning. EVM’s have been reported missing in transit! Trucks carrying EVM’s are showing up in strong rooms sometimes more than 24 hrs after polling is complete. What’s going on?”

Gandhi said that there mustn’t be any ‘doubt about whether or not elections are free and fair.’ “Elections are the cornerstone of any democracy and there should be zero doubts about the process and the results they throw up,” he said.

The Congress president also said that the issue will be addressed in the Lok Sabha. “I’m sure this will be one of the major issues debated and a consensus arrived between all political parties, in the new Lok Sabha.”

Gandhi also extended his support to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on the recent violence in Kolkata and the subsequent action taken by the Election Commission to cut short the campaigning period by nearly 24 hours. Agreeing with Banerjee, Gandhi said that RSS men had indeed infiltrated the Election Commission.

Gandhi had said, “I think what’s happening in Bengal is absolutely wrong. I think the EC is not being fair. For instance, Mr Narendra Modi is allowed to campaign and after his rally, there’s a ban on campaigning? That’s just unfair.”