(Exclusive) #KatjuOnJantaKaReporter Part 2: Modi wave is history, Nitish-Lalu will win Bihar even without Dadri, Dalit issue


Former Supreme Court Judge, Justice Markandey Katju, says that the Bihar’s election results are forgone conclusion as Nitish (Kumar) and Lalu(Yadav) combine was ‘set to win the assembly polls.’

Talking exclusively to www.jantakareporter.com, the former judge said, ” Nitish and Lalu were bound to have won even without Dadri or Haryana. Most states in this country vote along the lines of caste. But there was an exception in last year’s Lok Sabha elections. There was a wave in favour of Modi. People were fed up with frequent scams during the Congress rule. Modi promised them vikas (development), which meant jobs for youths….Reality is that having won the election, there are still no jobs. Now people realise they were taken for a ride.”

Justice Katju said that caste arithmetics were in the favour of the grand alliance.

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