(EXCLUSIVE) Why is this 20-something boy somewhere from India giving grief to Subramanian Swamy?


He’s a 20-something boy from somewhere in India (we are not disclosing his location for privacy reasons). He’s a faceless celebrity on the social media giant Facebook and he’s one person who’s given more grief to the the BJP in general and its leader Subramanian Swamy in particular than perhaps the combined might of the Congress and the AAP.

He owns a popular parody account of the senior Swamy on Facebook and has rubbed the BJP leader up the wrong way on more than one occasion.

To teach him a lesson, Swamy threatened to get his account suspended in the past, but ended up getting himself penalised by the Facebook, which suspended his official page.

This boy, an IT executive, was in the news recently after Facebook suspended his page Unofficial: Subramaniam Swamy, which had close to two lakhs likes.

The news of his page getting banned by Facebook traveled with lightening speed and the social media platforms were filled with the outpour of support for the admin of the page. Soon Facebook was forced to reconsider its decision and the page was restored on Tuesday night.

While restoring the parody account of Swamy, Facebook also activated the BJP leader’s suspended account only to suspend it again.

Speaking to www.jantakareporter.com, from somewhere in the world (yes Swamy’s alleged tormentor is travelling abroad at the moment and once again we’ve promised to respect his request for secrecy), this new celebrity of Facebook said, “I was always amused and horrified by the kind of things Swamy posted on his Facebook page. They were annoying but more crucially it defied rationality. So, I chose to create a page similar to his and mock his insane social media posts targetting India’s minority communities. My first post was an instant hit and that gave me a reason to continue with my satirical and, at times, hard-hitting counter posts on Facebook. And in no time, the page had become a massive hit.”

While speaking, he reminds us that he has no political affiliation as ‘Swamy has accused me of in the past.’ He says he’s fine that way as it allows him to have a go at any party or their leaders, who are found to be ‘violating the values of India’s multiculturalism and the slogan of anekta mein ekta.’

“My country has always been known for unity among people with varied religious backgrounds. Leaders like Swamy have done their best to disturb that by constantly spewing venom against minorities. That had to be and must be stopped,” he says.

The owner of Swamy’s parody Facebook page, however, sheepishly admits that even his family members except a few of his siblings are in the dark about his owning the page.

“In my excitement, once I ended up telling a couple of friends of mine. But that’t it. I realised it was a mistake. My siblings know it but not my parents. Two people who have all the powers vested in them to close this parody account are my parents. So, it’s better they remain clueless about my page and the controversy surrounding it.”

He said the recent controversy had only made him stronger and he planned to ‘expose the lies of Swamy and the RSS’ even more powerfully in future.

He says, “To give you an example on whether Swamy has left me rattled as he would like to claim. On CNN-IBN on Tuesday night, Swamy said he had no problem with the parody account as long as it didn’t carry his photo. After our page was restored, we had changed our profile picture to that of Smriti Irani on a scooter. But as soon as I heard Swamy say that on CNN-IBN, I replaced Irani’s photo with that of Swamy’s. Now tell me if I’m scared of Swamy.”

So, how does he manage to keep an eye on the day’s current affairs before coming up with witty responses to them?

He says, “My job entails working a lot from home. Sometime, when I’m tied up with office commitment, I tend to schedule to posts. People who like my page expects regular reactions and I don’t want to disappoint them.”

On Wednesday the parody account of Swamy’s page also claimed to have received appreciation from Tamil Nadu’s chief minister, J Jayalalitha, according to the post praised him for giving Swamy grief.

Swamy has filed corruption cases against the TN CM.

Meanwhile, the likes for the parody continues to grow while the official page of the veteran lawyer and the BJP leader remains suspended for mysterious reasons.

Here’s a snapshot of his quirky facebook posts;

PT’s see this Canadian PM Justin Tradeau accepted his viraat ancestry by doing this “Mayur Aasan” but here sickulars & mullahs are ashamed of saying Bharat Mata ki Jai…paid media will never inform you that Justin Tradeau is actually a viraat born in a asharam of Yogi Adityanath at Gorakhpur India and his real name is”Jatin Trivedi” but during emergency in 1984 as AnuPM said his whole family was shifted to canada due to the fear of khangress leader Indira Gandhi..Its high time we should make effort for his Ghar Wapsi…”Bharat Mata ki Jai” PTs don’t trust this missionary Mark..he always ditches me..viraat pages are in danger. LTTE member Mahesh Murthy caught me red handed. Should’ve Deleted my old tweet before going for a debate