EVMs ‘poll’ in favour of BJP in MP bypoll, Chief Election Officer asks not to report in media


In a development that could give credence to allegations of election fraud, an EVM machine with VVPAT attached, to be used for 9 April bypoll in Madhya Pradesh’s Ater has been found to be designed to only vote in favour of the BJP candidate.

The video of Madhya Pradesh’s Chief Electoral Officer, Salina Singh, carrying out inspection of EVM machine in the constituency has now gone viral.

In the video (below), Singh is seen being surrounded by several election officials who try to test the accuracy of the machine by pressing the number four button of a VVPAT machine. However to everyone’s utter shock, the paper receipt showed the vote had in fact gone in favour of the BJP, whose election symbol, lotus, was against the first button and number four.

When questioned, Singh asked the reporters not to report the incident adding that the act could land them in jail.

EVM fraud has been a hugely controversial topic particularly after the results for the last month’s assembly elections were announced. Both the BSP supremo Mayawati and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had alleged EVM fraud.

The BJP’s historic win in Uttar Pradesh had surprised many poll pundits, who said that there was no wave in favour of the BJP at a level that could result in 325 seats for the saffron party.

Watch Rifat Jawaid talk about EVM fraud

Reacting to the development, Kejriwal tweeted, “EVM manipulation getting v serious. How rampant is this? If technical error, then why error always in BJP’s favor, wherever detected.”

His next tweet said, “Do see this video. Do elections have any meaning left?”

With the latest revelation, political parties will no doubt have found enough fodder to attack the BJP.