Ekta Kapoor denies racial slur against Swedish YouTuber, refuses to apologise


Filmmaker Ekta Kapoor has vehemently denied making a racial slur against the Swedish YouTuber, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who had taken a swipe at the former’s TV serial broadcast on Zee TV in 2006.

Known as PewDiePie, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg had taken a swipe at Kasamh Se highlighting the irony of the video’s claims that it was in good quality. The video’s quality was, in fact, very bad.

Responding to PewDiePie’s tweet, Ekta had tweeted, “Bhai tu kaun hai! Luks like d firang junior artists we hire from colaba when we Create Paris in arey:) he will find his dopplegangers in kasam se only;)”

Many social media users had slammed Ekta after they detected a racist slur in her tweet targeting the Swedish YouTuber.

But, Ekta said there was no question of an apology. She wrote, “Just opened my Twitter n realised I finally arrived 🙂 this hate welcome has put me in August company :)/):)! Just one thing if anyone is waiting for me to apologise to peudy something it’s NOT happening :)”

Responding to allegations of racist slur in her tweet, Ekta said, “Just one thing anyone who suggests racial slur to my tweet( yes I read some tweets) shud open this youtubers( yes now I know who he is) video n see how he has trashed everything from Indian soaps to Indian superstars ( rajnikants robot) n jibbed back with d same ignorance and irreverence that he adopted to pan everything in India’s popular culture!

“So all those getting highly protective about his power n millions ( some even claimed wat I was ‘ worth’) remember his video which we pass as sarcastic n ‘ humourous’ was titled ‘ india u lose’.”

Ekta concluded her series of tweets with a postscript. It read, “I seriously dint know who he is ;):):) like he doesn’t know any tv personality or rajnikant! Heehaw !!!! Much love haters I’m back to making videos n fodder for this youtubers next feed.”

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was declared as the highest paid YouTube star in 2016, according to Forbes magazine.

Here’s the video of Kasamh Se, in case you were keen to understand the irony bhighlighted by the Swedish YouTuber.