Eid And Meethi Sewai: A message of India’s unity in diversity


They say India is a land of unity of diversity. Nowhere in the world will you have a country where people with so many linguistic and religious backgrounds coexist with so much harmony. And yet, a group of politicians always appear determined to disturb this environment of love.

This is incumbent upon every Indian to ensure that the politicians, who are determined to infect our society with their politics of hate, bigotry and religious divide, never succeed in their nefarious motive.

With this in mind, a group of creative talents in western state of Maharashtra, decided to come together to shoot this compelling and emotional video.

They contacted www.jantakareporter.com if we could help them spread the message of love by carrying this video. And our answer was in affirmative.

Billed as Meethi Sewai, this video shows how our festivals can become a powerful tool to bridge the religious divide in our society.

Please watch the video here.