“Dynasty of corruption”: PM Modi launches blistering attack on opposition


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the dynasty of corruption had become the main stumbling block in the country’s development.

Addressing a conference on vigilance and anti-corruption through video link, the prime minister said, “There is one more big challenge facing the country- dynastic corruption or the transfer of corruption from one generation to another. This situation is a big stumbling block in the country’s development. I want to appeal to all citizens that they should continue to defeat corruption in the fight between India versus corruption.”

PM Modi said that those affected by corruption was the country’s population. “Friends, as I had said in 2016 during a programme on the vigilance awareness, there is no place for corruption in a country, which is fighting poverty,” the prime minister said.

Although PM Modi did not name anyone in his speech, his attack was largely seen against the Congress, which ruled the country for the most part of the post-independence India.

The three-day conference, inaugurated via video conference on Tuesday, is being organised by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).