Delhi’s ‘two chief ministers’ invited for Mahavir Jayanti function, Fac


A photo of a government invitation for Mahavir Jayanti organised by the Delhi Assembly speaker, Ram Niwas Goel has become a topic of intense social media  conversation with people asking if Delhi has two chief ministers.

The invitation, sent by Goel, invites guests to attend a special function to commemorate the birth anniversary of ‘Lord Mahavir’ inside the premises of the Delhi assembly.

However, according to the invitation, the chief guests have described as two current chief ministers of Delhi.

The invitation posted on Facebook by NDTV journalist Amit Pandey, read, ” Chief Guest: Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Honourable Chief Minister. Special Guest: Shri Manish Sisodia: Honourable Chief Minister, Delhi.”

This has prompted social media users particularly on Facebook to fervently share the copy of this invitation.

While many wondered if Delhi had two chief ministers, some expressed surprise as to why there was no mention of Delhi at the end of Kejriwal’s designation.

In reality, this appears to be nothing but an inadvertent error although no official statement has been issued Goel’s office yet.