Delhi air hostess learnt about husband’s first marriage on honeymoon


The family of Delhi air hostess Anissia Batra have revealed that the deceased had found out about his first marriage only after the couple went on honeymoon to Dubai.

Anissia, according to the family, had first complained of her domestic abuse when they visited Dubai on a honeymoon trip in 2016. She had even called her parents alleging physical abuse by her newly-wed husband, Mayank Singhvi.

“The couple had gone to Dubai for their honeymoon a week after their wedding. On day 2 of the honeymoon he thrashed her black and blue. She was constantly messaging me and I asked her to move into another room in order to save herself. The next day she went to her friend’s house from where she flew back to India,” Anissia’s mother, Nillum Batra, was quoted as saying.

Singhvi was arrested by the Delhi Police earlier this week after Anissia’s family alleged that the cops were reluctant to take action against him because of his political connections. After his arrest, Anissia’s mother said, “Some faith has been restored. It is all due to public and media pressure”

Anissia’s brother Karan Batra told reporters, “My father Retired Major General Ropinder Singh Batra served the nation for 40 years and after her death we were fighting for an FIR.” As reported by Janta Ka Reporter on Sunday, Anissia had allegedly died by jumping off her terrace of her south Delhi house in Hauz Khas.

Her family members were ill-treatment by Singhvi, who they alleged, had repeatedly tortured Anissia for dowry.

Meanwhile, Anissia’s childhood friend and activist, Saira Shah Halim, has launched an online petition seeking justice for her deceased friend. In her petition, Halim, herself a daughter of Lt General (Retd) Zameeruddin Shah, wrote, “The family is also bewildered at the clear lack of process, as well. Despite having a legal order that stated that the postmortem being conducted at AIIMS was to be videographed, due process was not followed with many from the police like the Station House Officer (SHO) turning a deaf ear on the family’s pleas for transparency and honesty.

“Her death was reported to the police immediately on Friday 13th July evening and the FIR was still delayed by the police. Eventually the case has been registered on Saturday 14th July under IPC section 304 (b). The FIR does not include statements made by Anissia’s father Maj Gen RS Batra even though he went on record. Section 304 (b) is a non-bailable offense and as of launching this petition it has been over 42 hours with no arrests made or detention of Anissia’s husband Mayank Singhvi and his parents. Anissia’s family stood by her when she chose to marry Mayank. Today, having tragically lost her to what they believe is violent domestic abuse; all the family is asking for is a fair investigation.”


Anissia’s parents lived in Chandigarh, from where they often travelled to Delhi upon learning about the alleged domestic violence caused by Singhvi. The family is said to have visited their daughter last month on 27 June, when Anissia’s father even filed a written complaint with the police. Singhvi was alleged to have hit Anissia’s mother when she tried to discuss the matter with him.

Karan Batra told reporters, “On 27th of June my father had come and given the report in the same police station that we’re worried about the security of my sister because her husband Mayank Singhvi has been hitting her. The marriage has been there for the last 2 and half years. He has assaulted her continuously. We’ve photos, we’ve everything documented which is there, and all of this has been provided.

“When the incident happened, my sister had messaged her friends and there are records of it which has said, “Please call the police,” “He has locked me in the room.” “He’s taken my phone,” “I just got it back,” “I don’t know what will he do.” And then after 2 hours of that, she sent a message to a few of her friends, including us, that because of this man, I’m going to take my life. And he’s pushed me to this.”

Karan alleged that since Friday all the evidence had been tampered with. “Her house is not sealed, while we were told it is sealed. He came last night to the house, he came and took both the cars, he took the dog, he was even there for some time. Next day, again in the morning, he came. Our servant confirmed it. I asked him, “Aaj sahib aaye the?” He said, “Haan sahib aaye the. Kucch der the, phir chale gaye.” The room they’ve locked, he has a duplicate key of it. All her details were there. And after this only the police has come. So, I don’t know what they’ve locked up, what they’ve seized. Because nothing was seized,” he added.

Police earlier told Janta Ka Reporter that they were pursuing the matter extremely seriously. One police officer said that the accused had been booked under IPC section 304 (b).