Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to spend Rs. 10 crore of taxpayers’ money on building swimming pool inside his bungalow: BJP


The BJP on Friday slammed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for allocating Rs. 10 crores of taxpayers’ money to renovate his bungalow including building a swimming pool. BJP’s Delhi unit chief Adesh Gupta told a news conference that Kejriwal was wasting taxpayers’ money to enhance his personal comfort.
Arvind Kejriwal

Gupta played an old video clip of Kejriwal, who had said that elected representatives must not travel in red beacon car,  should live in a one-bedroom flat instead of going for an expensive bungalow and junk security cover. Gupta reminded that Kejriwal had done exactly the opposite to what he promised to people before entering active politics, accusing him of fooling ordinary members of public.

Gupta said, “How he left his duplex flat for a bungalow. I can understand why he accepted a bungalow from the security point of view. But he also dumped his small car for a bigger one before travelling a convoy of cars. But, now he is spending Rs. 10 crores on the renovation of his bungalow. This is the hard-earned money of people of Delhi.”

Flashing a piece of paper, Gupta added, “I have this work order from the government in the name of addition/alteration of the official residence of honourable Delhi chief minister at 6, Flag Road….Only recently, Delhi’s deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that the government did not have money and they were looking at the central government to fund the vaccination drive. They (Kejriwal government) approached the central government for oxygen (during the recent pandemic), ventilators and providing ration to people. The person who always invoked rules to attack the central government is now building swimming pool in his own house.”

Gupta said that Kejriwal had ordered the renovation of his house including building a swimming pool when thousands of people were dying in the national capital. He said, “The tender was awarded on 17 October 2020. This means that the scheme may have been conceptualised 3-4 months before. That was a time when Delhi was fighting the brutal first wave of the corona pandemic.”

Gupta said that he had no hesisation in saying that when Delhi was battling the severe wave of corona pandemic, Kejriwal was busy planning the renovation of his house. Gupta also alleged that Kejriwal was set to spend Rs. 1 crore only on building the gate of his bungalow.