DANICS and IAS officers going on leave is good thing for Delhi, writes Manish Sisodia

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Manish Sisodia

Today’s strike by DANICS and IAS officers is a deliberate attempt to fail Odd Even Scheme of Delhi government to control pollution. Officers Associations should stop behaving like B-team of the BJP. They should think why LG and PMO are too keen to hear them today.

Why PMO and LG have never acted on other issues they have been raising since long? And never before did these officers go on strike like this? Why are PMO and LG too keen to protect those who are either corrupt or do not work?

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Surprisingly! the Officers Associations also chose to contact the LG (Najeeb Jung), who is on leave in Goa, instead of contacting CM or Deputy CM! This government is ready to work with handful of honest and dedicated officers. Corrupt and careless will have to leave or face action.

Why do we need so many IAS and DANICS officers in government when there is so much fresh dedicated professional talent available in Delhi.

We are committed to the people of Delhi and would make sure nothing stops even if these officers go on six months leave. Professional and dynamic youth can better develop Delhi. They should be given chance to work on posts which require professional expertise.

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Manish Sisodia is the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi. Above content is a compilation of his tweets.


  1. i reaaly hope aap somehow suceeds,,..but the way things stand now…it seems to be very difficult!!..they got no support from anyone else..absolutely no support.


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