Dangal’s “Dhaakad”, one of the only rap songs to praise women instead of insulting

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“Dhaakad”, the rap song from Dangal is one of the only bollywood rap songs which is devoid of any mysogynistic nature and instead praises women for qualities that have nothing to do with their physical traits.

Most of the references that bollywood rap songs make to women are either in terms of sexually objectifying their body parts or for calling them attention-hungry-goldigging-helpless party animals.

One such example was, “Kudiyon ka laga hai buffet, Chaahe jo kar lo choose” -Song “ABCD” sung by Honey Singh from the 2014 movie Yaariyan.

For the negative light in which bollywood raps mention women, rappers like Honey Singh have faced controversy and criticism.

On 5 January, Delhi University girls colleges banned sexist rappers from their college festivals.

“What is the point in protesting for women’s rights if we are entertained by songs which say I swear chhoti dress mein bomb lagdi mennu?” asks Samridhi Bajaj, general secretary of the students’ union, Miranda House while speaking to Times of India.

Smitha Sabu, treasurer of students’ union of Lady Shri Ram College said, “these artists are using their art form to demean women. The lyrics of songs like Brown Rang and Saturday Saturday are offensive, abusive and completely opposite of what we are taught in college. In these songs, women are mere objects obsessed with makeup, shopping and partying, so we can’t think of calling these artists for obvious reasons.”

After the Bengaluru molestation case, Dangal rapper Raftaar released another video “Aurat”.

“Aurat”, speaks of issues of safety that women face. It also sheds light on how cases of sexual harassment and rapes often end up becoming a topic of useless debates but does not help the legal system reach a conclusion. The rap also talks about the dowry deaths, female infanticides, sati and the everyday sexism that women undergo.

This has not gone unnoticed by  the eagled eyed social media users.

Women in general may surely like to see this new trend gain momentum as more filmmakers choose to include rap songs in the films.




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