Controversy after Congress releases ‘Hugplomacy’ video ahead of PM Modi’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu


The Congress on Sunday released a montage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s famous hugs with the heads of states from around the world while titling the video as #Hugplomacy.

The video, which has already been viewed nearly 80,000 times, was posted on Twitter ahead of PM Modi’s planned meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in India on Sunday. Modi had done away with the established protocol and gone to the airport to receive his Israeli guest in person.

His trip to the airport was marked by his famous hug with the visiting dignitary.

In its video, the Congress sought to take a dig at the prime minister by alleging that ‘It’s official, Modi is awkward around foreign leaders.’ The video also drew a similarity with his hug with the former French President President Francois Hollande to that of an iconic scene from the Hollywood blockbuster, Titanic involving  Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

The video evoked an instant reaction from the BJP, which attacked the Congress for mocking the prime minister. Union Minister Babul Supriyo told Times Now that the act was objectionable.

He said, “Not only does it look objectionable, but the timing is also deplorable. I don’t understand why would the Congress party resort to this kind of sensationalism. What are they trying to prove with this?”

Former diplomat KC Singh said that the timing of the video was ‘regrettable’ adding that the BJP too was guilty of such actions in the past.

“Both parties are guilty of dragging foreign policy into domestic policy i.e. PM Modi alleging near treason by frmr PM Singh during Gujarat elec. This is regrettable. (sic),” Singh tweeted. He was tweeting to clarify what he had said to a news channel on the same issue.

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