Concern grows for Doordarshan TV commentator for his ‘disaster’ reaction after Amit Shah drops national flag to ground


An unnamed TV commentator on India’s public broadcaster, Doordarshan, has suddenly become a hero because of his instinctive reaction after BJP President Amit Shah dropped the country’s national flag to the ground on Wednesday.

As earlier reported by Janta Ka ReporterShah had dropped the national flag while attempting to hoist it to mark the country’s independence day. Left red-faced, the BJP president had later received help from people present there to successfully unfurl the flag.

But, what became the topic of intense social media conversation was the instinctive reaction of the commentator of the government-run Doordarshan News, where the event was being broadcast live. No sooner did Shah drop the flag, the anchor reacted with ‘tch, tch, tch’ before he followed it up with ‘disaster’ utterance.

This led to flurry of comments on social media, where users began to sympathise with the TV commentator while expressing fear over his job. Some even feared that his life may be in danger since he had chosen to add insult to injury to Shah, arguably the most powerful person after Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the country.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that there was a silent divine message that even the tricolour refused to be unfurled by Amit Shah adding ‘Mother India is trying to say something that she is hurt.’

Journalist Rifat Jawaid wrote, “They can’t save cows, handle national flag and be true patriot. But will give grief to others on these things. How shameful!”

Journalist TS Sudhir tweeted, “The DD anchor cdnt control his emotions. Hope he doesnt lose his job.” Journalist Swati Chaturvedi wrote, “If this happened with @RahulGandhi 17 Cabinet Ministers would have called him a traitor & held pressers. Times Now & Republic would have fun # tags & non stop debates.” User Kapil tweeted, “Fake encounters of Tulsi prajapati, Sohrabuddin, Kausar Bi & Israt Jahan, Justice Loya Murder case, Snooping of Mansi Soni, Tadipaar for 2 years, Kidnapping & extortion cases, BK Bansal Suicide case,
No Mr. Shah, u don’t deserve to touch our Indian flag.”