Class 10 student allegedly gang-raped in Dehradun boarding school, made pregnant


In yet another horrific incident, a minor girl student has alleged that she was gang-raped by her seniors inside the school in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun district.

Although the alleged gang-rape happened last month, the story has come to light now after the girl confided in her sister about the brutalities committed to her. This was after the class 10 student fell sick and had to be sent for medical examination, which revealed that she was pregnant.

Police have detained four students and at least five officials including the principal, administrator and hostel caretaker have been arrested.

Nivedita Kukreti, SSP of Dehradun, said, “Our Child Welfare officers and members of the child protection committee spoke to the girl, who said that she had been raped. She said that students from the same school had raped her. The accused students too are minors and we are obtaining their age certificates. Their parents too will arrive here today.”

According to the complaint, her seniors had called her to the school’s store room on 14 August, a day before the independence day ceremony, for some programme preparations. They allegedly took turns in raping her after she reached inside the storeroom.

“The school management tried to suppress the case. The girl says she reported the case to the ayah the same day. But they tried to dissuade her to report. After a month, the crime has come to the knowledge of police,” NDTV quoted Additional Director General of Police Ashok Kumar.

The school administration also allegedly tried to terminate her pregnancy by mixing her drinks with suspicious medicines.