Karti is being harassed because he’s my son, real target is me: P Chidambaram


Former finance minister P Chitambaram has accused the BJP-led government at the Centre of carrying out the politics of vendetta against his son, Karti Chitambaram.

He said that the government agencies were harassing his son because of Karti was his son adding that”the real target is me.”

Chitambaram described the allegations against his son as “malicious and totally false.”

Reacting to recent media reports that his son had undisclosed assets abroad, Chidambaram said, “A few days ago, a news report was published containing wild and reckless allegations against my son, Mr Karti Chidambaram, and by implication against me. It was obvious to everyone that it was a planted story.”

“If the government is of the view that Mr Karti Chidambaram has undisclosed assets, I would ask the government to make a list of such alleged undisclosed assets. Mr Karti Chidambaram will voluntarily execute any document necessary to transfer those assets (allegedly undisclosed) to the government for a nominal consideration of Rupee 1. Let the Government become the owner of the alleged undisclosed assets,” Chidambaram was quoted by news agency PTI.

Stating that Karti ran a legitimate business, he said, “I am issuing this statement on behalf of all the members of my family. We know that Karti is being targeted only because he is my son and the real target is me. I understand the political motive behind the accusations and the timing of the story. I have nothing but pity for those who make these false accusations. Ultimately, truth will prevail.”