China ‘rubs it in’ weeks after blocking India’s bid on JeM chief Masood Azhar


Weeks after blocking Indian government’s bid to declare Masood Azhar as terrorist, China has rubbed it in once again by suggesting that India and Pakistan should resolve the issue over Jaish-e-Mohammad chief through “direct” and “serious consultations.”

“We encourage all parties related to the listing matter of Masood Azhar to have direct communication and work out a solution through serious consultations,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a written communication to PTI.

Replying to a question about whether there was any change in China’s stand on the issue after a number of top Indian officials conveyed India’s strong concerns over the move, Hua said as per the rules of the UN Committee on counter-terrorism, the relevant countries should have direct talks.

Elsewhere, Chinese officials also expressed confidence that the issue will be resolved as Beijing was also in touch with Islamabad on the issue.

China’s decision to block India’s bid had sparked huge condemnation prompting the Indian government to grant visa to the Chinese dissident Uyghur leader Dolkun Isa.

However, after strong protests from China, India’s Modi government was forced to cancel the visa issued to the Uyghur leader causing backlash on social media against the prime minister.