“China has come right back to all those areas it had vacated”: Maj Gen (retd) GD Bakshi contradicts government’s stand


Maj Gen (retd) GD Bakshi has contradicted the Indian government’s stand by publicly acknowledging the presence of the Chinese army inside the Indian territory. Maj Gen Bakshi said that the Centre’s Narendra Modi government was ‘busy fighting Congress’ when it ought to have focussed on the LAC in Ladakh.

Maj Gen (retd) GD Bakshi

Widely considered to be a proponent of the BJP’s Hindutva ideology, Maj Gen Bakshi stunned everyone by saying, “China has come right back to all those areas it had vacated. Let us stop sqabbling amongst ourselves. right now Govt is more busy fighting congress. need to focus far more on China. It is increasing force levels against us. Who said its all over?” (sic)

Maj Gen Bakshi’s statement on the presence of the Chinese army came days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that no one had entered the Indian territory. Speaking after an all-party meet, Modi had said that neither did anyone intrude into Indian territory nor anyone took over any Indian post. This had evoked angry reactions from India’s celebrated war veterans.

Lt General (Retd) Prakash Menon had written on Twitter, “Modi has capitulated and said that kuch hua hi nahi ( nothing has happened in terms of territorial loss)! OMG. Is there a case for his trial for treason because he just reiterated China’s stand. What is the legal / constitutional position . Help!”tweeted, “Today is very unfortunate Day !! I thank my three stars that I am retired n my son in not in the Army!”

Days later, Home Minister Amit Shah had said that the country under the leadership of PM Modi was capable of winning the war against China and the COVID-19 pandemic.