Chennai floods and India media, why social media users are incensed!


The devastating rains and flood-like situation in Chennai shook every Indian with the calamity being described as one of the worst in living memory. Close to 300 people have already ,lost their lives while millions have been forced to spend several days and nights amidst utter despondency and hopelessness.

Social media rose to the occasion and did its best to provide relief to the affected people by connecting those who were able to help with those who needed it the most.

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However, as expected the role of Indian media in covering (or lack of covering) the disaster came under sharp scrutiny. While many believed the media’s response to Chennai rains was shambolic, others highlighted the lack of sensitivity displayed while covering this monumental tragedy.

User Akash Banerjee posted this screenshot of Tez channel, part of India Today Group,

Others appeared angry on the slow response of Indian media. Here’s how how they expressed their anger.

Senior journalist and presenter Rajdeep Sardesai too recorded his video blog to highlight why Indian media had initially ignored the tragedy faced by millions of flood victims. Sardesai called it a “tyranny of distance” — referring to the fact that many of the national outlets were headquartered in Delhi, nearly 2,000 km away from the Tamil Nadu capital.

His plain-speaking earned him plenty of plaudits.