Chaos after Sambit Patra calls Nehru-Gandhi family ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ to counter ‘security guard is thief’ jibe for Narendra Modi

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TV channels have shifted their attention to poll-bound states namely Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan with anchors holding special programmes on assembly elections. Hindi news channel Aaj Tak too organised an audience-based show in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore on Tuesday. Participating in the show were Rajiv Tyagi of the Congress and Sambit Patra from the BJP.

Photo: Screenshot from the TV debate

However, within minutes into the programme, the show turned into a battlefield with supporters of both the parties clashing with each other. This was after both Patra and Tyagi used derogatory terms for the Nehru-Gandhi family and Narendra Modi respectively.

During the debate, Tyagi began to shout Chaukidaar as the crowd completed his sentence with a chorus chor hai. The Congress has been attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi with new slogans Chaukidar Chor Hai to allege his involvement in several scam including the Dafale jets deal. Modi has, time and again, called himself as the chaukidar (security guard) of the country.

Janta Ka Reporter in its three part series last had first exposed the scam in the purchase of Rafale jets from the French company Dassault aviation.  (You can read them here Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3).

To counter Tyagi’s Chaukidar Chor hai jibe, Patra said that Nehru Gandhi family members were the real Thugs of HindostanHe said, “Jawaharlal Nehru (India’s first prime minister) was the first thug of Hindostan. Indira Gandhi was the second thug, Rajiv Gandhi was the third thug and Sonia Gandhi was the fourth thug.” He continues, “I ask, who the really thug is. This Gandhi family is a robber.”


Objecting to Patra’s language, Tyagi started addressing the crowd once again with his Chaukidar Chor Hai slogans. An enraged Patra began to shout Pappu, Pappu, Come here Pappu. This was seemingly to hurl insult at Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Soon the crowd began to leave their seating area and arrived at the stage causing an utter chaos.

The video became a dominating topic of social media conversations. Journalist Rohini Singh wrote, “This is no longer funny. This is such a depressing comment on the level of political discourse in India for which I solely blame some news channels.” User Zainab Sikandar tweeted, “I was invited for a show today with Sambit Patra as a panelist. My exact words were,”I can counter him very well but what happens when he starts abusing in so many words. I’m not raised like that plus boycotting him is the right way to go…Especially after his last faux pas.”


  1. Arrogancy at its peak. Sambit, GVL etc.,taking it to new heights. It will help defeating panelists on TV. Not on electoral battle ground. Don’t forget the lesson in 2004, despite ‘india shining’ slogan. Be grounded sir.

  2. This B.J.P. spokesman has just lost ot.either frustration is for forcing him to loose his mental balance or he truly is mental needs immediate medical attention.

  3. Dr. Sambit Patra replied in the language Pappu is using in his rallies. He was with in his right. Rahul Gandhi has proved time and again that he is Pappu.

  4. Debates are disgusting Sambit Patra is one of the panellists.senseless debates with cross shouting by panellists and anchor just a spectator have become way of life with many channels.There is nothing but mud slinging browbeating smarting over the other.This is totally unacceptable and undesirable from TV channels to allow filthy abusive language name and shame for our national heroes.With the introduction of pannelists like Sambit Patra the quality of discussion on channels degrading everyday.It seems Mr Patra has been particularly hired by BJP to use abusive and defaming phrases for the founding figures of our country.Most people have stopped watching debates where Sambit Patra is pannelist.In pursuit of their lust for power no one should be allowed to ditch the dignity of Our Nation and its heroes.

    • Sambit Patra speaks always with figure n facts , even his logic goes strong most of the time , ……if we talk about his abusive and teasing language wud suggest you my dear once hear Rahul Gandhi and other 80% leaders of congress , you will be able to figure out the facts.

  5. Are you sure you are from the media! There aren’t many left. Under the guise of media many have become mouth pieces of the rulling dispensation, one particular channel going to the extent of saying they will have political views. This is misappropriation of public property (natural frequencies) for private gain and breach of people’s trust. If our public discourse resembles WWF matches, you are solely responsible. Why can’t the likes of Patra and Tyagi be boycotted from appearing on TV talks and prime time shows! What is it that they are offering us! One Chor calling the other Chor as the Chors of Hindustan. That is all. We are still invested in our trust in you to function as a pillar of democracy. Do not betray us. Else history will not forgive you.

  6. Congress and Gandhi family are the curse to this country. Let’s hope they are wiped off soon. Hope these so called secular characters are driven out and the country is put on a growth path. We don’t have to put up pappu,chor Chidambaram,selfish Naidu ,mad Mamata,crook Kumaraswamy ,asshole Owaisi.

  7. Is this media a paid portal of Congress ? Has the writer seen that episode? The spokesperson of Congress did not allow Sambhit Patra to speak after presenting his own viewpoints and was just raising noise to present a malafide narrative. Sambhog Patra have the right response and answered the bogeybof Congress in the manner , it deserved. Without and out disdain . A perfect tot for tat.

  8. Nothing is permanent in this world Dr patra BJP rule will go but u are digging hole for will have to face consequences after BJP rule remember people like you are used for means by big political parties.

  9. Well accusing the political leaders of one or some particular party will not going to solve the problem. All political leaders should refrain from making derogatory remarks on the opposition to usurp the political mileage without having any proof of the claim made. Once such wrong instance is created by anyone then this competition for making such remarks correct or false are ought to be made. No body is going to leave the political interests of their respective parties not absolutely understanding that this account of incidents make them laughing stock.

  10. Sambit patra best anchor Idiots congress always hungry for power at any cost . So abusìng PM not acceptable for people of india
    People of india will teach a lesson to congress next election.

  11. Sambit patra never talks of what BJP government has done in last 4 yrs. Instead of presenting the progress card of his party he is mostly in flash back mode. He never answers question directly. Eg. If he is asked about current scene in delhi then he shall start 70 yrs earlier (He was not even born) delhi was this, kolkata was this and conclude saying this is Mumbai now. But no words about the asked question of Delhi. He normally diverts questions. To me he is simple foolish person with low knowledge but has a very high mouth. He has spoiled indian political structure by not respecting opposition party members. In indian constitution is framed on 2 pillars for working of democracy. I.e ruling party and opposition parties. Duty of opposition parties is to ensure that ruling does not leave the track and correct the government if its going wrong. But tjis government does want opposition at all. Criticism made for our past leaders is not going to help India. Who said and what is said 70 – 75 yrs earlier has no meaning for Indian today. Why cant government talk about development, GST problems, loss of bussiness due to demonitaision leading to unemployment, all time low economy, price rise beyond proportional limits, tremendous growth in employment, overseas engineers losing jobs, what steps taken to accommodate this home coming talent and so on. Just by projecting one leader for all the schemes (true / false ) without letting the facts known to public at large (misguiding with fabricated figures) shall make no good to India and indians. Twisting history to personal gains shall ensure that our upcoming generation shall have no faith and desire to do positives for India.
    We all are learned people’s then why dont we use our brain. Turn the pages of history & you will find no individual with autocratic working style has ever done justic to the country. Please try to do self analysis. Don’t be driven by mass mentality and these fooling politicians like sambit patra. If patra uses inappropriate language then he shall be answered the way Tyagi has done. This type shall ruin India and push to the poi t of no return.

  12. I saw the debate. It was Rajiv Tyagi who started it. Once he vitiated the atmosphere it is a game of one upmanship. Tyagi began shouting Chor Hai. After that why expect Patra to remain a gentleman.

  13. Sambit is known for his derogatory comments on Congress and it’s leaders who have done a lot good to this country and even sacrificed their lives for this Country.Tyaagi also should not have uttered abusive language asagainst present P M until and unless the so call Raphael deal is turned out to be a scam by the apex court.To whom we should blame for such chaos in public platform? Where are we heading ? While speaking on public platforms our political class should refrain from abusive or derogatory language against any past or present leaders..It’s present a bad image of the parties to whom they represent.

  14. Yeh sahi hai ki sambit patra ko tv debate se out rakhna ho ga nhi to aane wali generation politics ko sirf gali ke jhagde se jani jayega ek to sambit patra ko kuch aata nhi doosre jhoot phailane ka kaam karta hai sabhi channel ke debate me 100 saal peeche chala jaata hai aur apne sarkar ke 4 saal ke period me hue 4 kaam ko nhi gina paata .ye jo aaj india hai jaise ke iski aayu aur Irshad sirf 4 saal ka hai shame on u Mr. Patra

  15. You are saying that BJP violated the political atmosphere by not respecting the opposition I think if someone wants respect then they have to give respect too but opposition is is in aggressive mode since Modi became PM it is like Modi became PM by himself not by people opposition talked rubbish about Modi so many times he is elected PM he represents this country and till the people of country through him out of power no one in this country has a right to use false language against him it is India that’s why it is rotatable no other real democratic country gives this right to anyone to use I’ll language against any elected personal

    And how can u blame sambit to calling names to past Congress leaders when Rajiv Tyagi is using inappropriate language for current elected PM
    If calling names to Congress leaders who are no more is wrong how can it be ok for current indian pm (some people say him BJP PM but BJP did not elected him people of India did) so if I do not respect the PM please respect the people of India because no one is perfect today Modi is pm tomorrow someone else will and this will became a bad trend to abusing PM of India which means u r abusing the constitution and the people of India.

  16. Janta ka Reporter please go supremecourt court with you proof of scam in Rafale dont juz sit and run false stories that also in 3 parts exposing the scam my foot. #cheeptricks

  17. I have seen many debate on News Channel.. whenever patra tries to show the report card of past 4 years of ruling time the congress representative interrupts him by shouting stupid nonsense illogical statements and when nothing logical is left they start shouting “chokidar chor hai”… It shows their stupidity… And if now patra gives them reply with “Thuggs of Hindostan”.. There is nothing wrong because actually they are which we can see in their past records…

  18. I think the Rakhi Swant of panel discussion Mr.Patra has crossed all limits When a man without grey matter tries to discuss anything serious makes the show a comedy. Channels should plan Gobar Patra night like Kapils night.


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