CAT cancels PM Modi-led panel’s decision on Sanjiv Chaturvedi


Central Administrative Tribunal has cancelled the Narendra Modi led panel’s decision on the former AIIMS CVO Sanjiv Chaturvedi calling it a violation of principles of natural justice.

Based on the evidence Chaturvedi had provided, the tribunal also asked the panel to decide on his request for change in cadre in a time-bound manner.

Chaturvedi, who was responsible for unearthing several scams in Haryana had complained of threats and harassment before asking for change in cadre.

Reports suggest that the whistle blower officer had even obtained NOC from both Haryana and Uttarakhand governments. But after BJP formed government at the centre, Modi-led committee refused to entertain his request asking him to obtain the NOC all over again.

The CAT order said, ” We do hope and trust that the situation may never arise, where honesty is punished and corruption awarded. Such a system cannot be expected to last a long time.We hope the respondents (the Union government) have taken note of the points raised by applicant…regarding extreme hardship and relentless persecution merely because of carrying out the duties assigned to him under law.”

After taking over the CVO’s role, Chaturvedi had discovered several cases of corruption at AIIMS. Soon, he was unceremoniously removed from his post allegedly on the Union Health Minister JP Nadda’s request. Nadda, according to reports, had asked for an immediate halt to all the corruption investigations Chaturvedi had initiated. This episode had caused a huge controversy.

The newly elected chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal,  then requested the central government asking for the services of Chaturvedi as an officer on special duty on deputation. The Centre till date has not obliged this request of Delhi CM.