‘NCC cadet’ termed RSS women wing’s member for political comments against Rahul Gandhi


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday was asked by a student in Karnataka on what benefits he would like to extend to the NCC ‘C’ certificate holders.  While responding to the female student’s question, Gandhi said, “I don’t know the details of NCC training and that kind of stuff, so I won’t be able to answer that question. But as a young Indian person, I would like to give you opportunities where you can have education and successful future.”


News agency ANI was quick to interview an ‘NCC cadet,’ who slammed the Congress president’s statement.

The NCC cadet from Uttar Pradesh, Sanjana Singh, told ANI, “Surprised he doesn’t have details of NCC. It isn’t “other stuff”. It’s second line of defence. Hope Rahul Gandhi learns about it. It’s important for leader to know about it.”

The female ‘cadet’ soon began to face Twitter roasting for her own lack of knowledge about the organisation she claimed to represent. Several journalists sought to remind the ‘cadet’ that the NCC wasn’t the second line of defence for the armed forces. While others wondered if the girl in question was indeed an NCC cadet. Many were surprised how an NCC cadet in official uniform was making a political statement.

NCC is the largest youth organisation and despite the youth body being managed and run by the ministry of defence, the enrollment here is purely voluntary. And much to the disappointment of the self-proclaimed ‘cadet,’ the organisation is not the second line of defence for the armed forces. In states, the NCC is managed by the education ministries. One can join the junior wing of the NCC in schools or senior wing in colleges. However, not all colleges have NCC units or battalions.

There are benefits for the ‘C’ certificate holders as some wings of the armed forces allow them to skip the Combined Defence Services Exams for the officer-rank jobs. However, if indeed the girl in question is an NCC cadet, she is likely to be booted out of the organisation as cadets are never allowed to make political statements while in uniform.