Bulandshahr Police faces condemnation for arresting Muslim vendor for selling ‘Thakur’ brand shoes after right-wing group’s complaint


The Bulandshahr Police in Uttar Pradesh is facing widespread condemnation after they arrested a Muslim man for selling ‘Thakur’ brand shoes. The police’s action came on a complaint by a right-wing group. Worse, the police have justified Nisar’s arrest, leaving netizens incensed.

Netizens were left aghast after several journalists shared videos of Nisar being hounded by alleged members of a militant Hindutva group. They were raising objections on Nisar’s decision to sell a shoe brand ‘Thakur,’ which is also a surname of an upper caste of Hindu in India.

Sharing the video, journalist Alok Pandey wrote, “‘Law enforcement’, @Uppolice style. Nasir, a roadside shoe seller is in the custody of @bulandshahrpol, booked under serious IPC sections for selling shoes with brand name ‘Thakur’, after FIR by a right wing leader who seems to have interpreted this as a casteist slur in the video in tweet above , the shoe seller repeatedly argues that he has not manufactured the shoes he is just selling them … also one cannot see any assault or abuse from him@as alleged in FIR . Yet cops have him in custody.”

The Bulnadshahr Police came up with a seemingly bizarre justification for Nisar’s arrest implying that they feared an untoward reaction from the Hindutva group. It tweeted, “Action in this matter has been taken in accordance with the law. Many people would have reacted adversely had the police not taken action. Therefore, the police have followed the ruke. Please see this in that light only.”

Unimpressed by the police’s justification, Pandey wrote, “With due respect , aisi logic na dein ki aadmi ka logic se vishwaas hi uth jaaye.”

A local police officer of the Bulandshahr Police also released a video statement, justifying action against Nisar. However, this did not appear to convince netizens.

Meanwhile, the Bulandshahar Police have handed over the Muslim vendor to his relatives saying that he may be called for questioning again until a closure report is filed by the cops.