Botched up NRC leaves lakhs of people as foreigners in their own country: Prashant Kishor

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Political strategist and senior JDU functionary Prashant Kishor has lashed out at the government for the ‘botched up’ NRC that has left more than 19 lakh people out of the National Register of Citizens in Assam.

Taking to Twitter Kishor, who ran Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign successfully, termed the whole exercise as ‘political posturing’ and ‘rhetoric.’ He wrote, “A botched up NRC leaves lakhs of people as foreigners in their own country! Such is the price people pay when political posturing & rhetoric is misunderstood as solution for complex issues related to national security without paying attention to strategic & systemic challenges.”

Kishor’s scathing criticism assumes significance in light of his party, the JDU, being an important ally of the BJP.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee too criticised the NRC as she took to Twitter to write, “Earlier I was not aware of the full NRC fiasco. As more and more information is coming in, we are shocked to see that names of more than 1 lakh Gorkha people have been excluded from the list.”

Banerjee also asked the government of India to ensure that genuine Indians were ‘not left out and justice is meted out to all of our genuine Indian brothers and sisters.’

The final NRC list, released on Saturday, drew condemnation after it excluded 19 lakh people from the final count of citizens. There were several instances of women being effectively declared foreigners in their own country even though their children had their names included in the NRC. Also failing to find his name in the final list was India’s Kargil hero Sanaullah, but he said that he was not surprised.


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