Madhya Pradesh govt slammed for second botched up eye surgery, 17 people lose eyesight


Opposition party in Madhya Pradesh has slammed the state government for ‘not learning’ from the past mistakes after it was reported that 17 people had lost their eyesight in Sheopur on Tuesday.

Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia said, “After Barwani another tragic incidence comes to light where 17 people have lost their eyesight after operation at Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh.

“(It) seems like the state government of MP has not learned any lessons & the govt remains a silent spectator even when public health is compromised.”

Scindia demanded stern action against the ‘people responsible for such negligent act.’

17 people were recently left with no eyesight soon after their cataract surgeries at Sheopur district hospital by Dr Nirmala Chhatrashali and her assistant Rakesh Gupta.

As soon as the stitches were removed on Monday, five patients reported to have lost their vision, while 12 other complained that their vision had considerably depleted after the surgery.

After receiving reports about this Barwani -like incident, the health department officials called all the patients for re-examination of their eyesight by CMGO Dr PK Mishra and civil surgeon Dr SK Tiwari.

Meanwhile, the hospital administration accepted eyesight depletion in some of the patients but denied that any of the patients has lost eyesight.