Bobby Deol’s revelation on Salman Khan teaches and inspires us in so many ways


Bobby Deol has become the talk of the town after the Race 3 trailer was released recently. The actor, whose stock value plummeted after a series of flops has suddenly a lot to look forward to since he’s going to be starring alongside the Bhai of Bollywood, Salman Khan, in the forthcoming Eid release.

Going by the successes of Race 3’s already released three tracks, Heeriye, Selfish, and Allah Duhai, coupled with the Salman Khan factor, there’s very little disagreement even among the Bollywood watchers about the movie’s future success. Race 3 may or may not set the box office on fire. But, certain revelations about the star cast of the film have already made them super heroes among their fans.

Speaking to media recently, Bobby opened up to some facts that weren’t available in the public domain yet. The actor said that how the lack of success in Bollywood had forced him to start pitying himself. “I stopped looking after myself. As actors, we have to maintain our body. Slowly, I started to hit a low, and suddenly, I was losing everything. I started pitying myself and drank every day,” Bobby was quoted by NDTV.

Speaking about how he got Race 3, Bobby said, “I had interacted with Salman casually at a celebrity cricket league. We’d been in touch thereafter. Once he told me, ‘Dekh, jab mera career nahi chal raha tha to main, Sanjay Dutt, aur tere bhai (actor Sunny Deol) ke peeth pay chadh gaya.’ So, I casually said, “Mamu, mujhe tere peeth par chadhnay de.” And, one day, he called and said, ‘Shirt utarega?’ I said, “Mamu, main kuch bhi karunga.” And that’s how Race 3 happened.”

The most painful revelation by Bobby was when he said that he wanted to set a better example for his sons Aryaman and Dharam. He was less bothered about not getting meaty roles in Bollywood but more concerned about not being a right role model for his two children.

This teaches all of us, who are ever so quick to declare a seemingly unsuccessful artist a failure while poking fun at him or her without pausing to reflect on that person’s emotional upheaval. Bobby’s story tells us that, just like any other person, Bollywood superstars too are human and have same feelings as any other individuals. Just like us, they too care about being a right role model for their family and children. Their desperation to succeed in films is not always driven by the greed for the elusive pot of gold.

The second aspect of Bobby’s story reestablishes Salman’s credential as a true human being, who cares about people around him. Bobby, in a way, told us that Salman was indeed the right person to lead the ‘Being Human campaign.’ We also learnt from Bobby that Salman never forgets those who had remotely helped him in the past. Even in his stardom as the undisputed king of the Bollywood, Salman cared to remember how Bobby’s brother had helped him during his tough times.

Only last week, Salman launched a new actor in Zaheer Iqbal. While launching the young actor on social media, Salman shared an incredibly moving story of Zaheer’s father, who had often helped the Bajrangi Bhaijan actor financially in his childhood. The actor had not forgotten that favour either.

We are ever so quick to vilify actors every time a Bollywood artist is portrayed in a negative light. It’s time we also recognised and celebrated their humane efforts.

P.S. Couple of years ago, while having lunch with Salman’s Dad Salim Khan at their residence, Galaxy Apartment, I met one of their family managers. He told me how he was on the verge of dying because of his drug addiction. It was, he said, Salim sahab, who paid for his rehab before employing him at his house.