BJP workers attack house of Naveen Patnaik’s private secretary, throw cow dung and vandalise property


A group of BJP workers on Saturday barged into the house of VK Pandian, Private Secretary of Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, threw cow dung and vandalised the property. An angry chief minister condemned the act calling it “absolutely shocking.”

“It’s absolutely shocking incident, particularly as some members of a national party have agreed that they took part in it; It is truly shocking,” Patnaik was quoted by Kalinga TV.

Senior police officer YB Khurania said that cops had arrested four people in connection with the attack Pandian’s house, reported PTI.

They also hurled cow dung at the main gate, accusing the officer of working for the ruling Biju Janata Dal or BJD and interfering in political affairs, the police said.

The officer added that the “lawlessness cannot be tolerated at any cost and stern action will be taken against those involved in the incident.”

Meanwhile, Ruling BJD, Opposition Congress, IAS Officers’ Association, IPS Officers’ Association, OAS Officers’ Association and other employee associations in the state have condemned the incident.