Bigg Boss moment in government schools by Delhi’s AAP government


Delhi Aam Aadmi Party-led government plans to install CCTV cameras in all classrooms of all government schools in the capital.

The government authorities, particularly the education department will keep the control of monitoring these camera in the initial stage of this scheme. But as the project gains momentum, the government will hand over the secure access of these camras to respective through a mobile application so that they can keep an eye on their children in the classroom and the school premises.

A reports carried by news agency ANI, said that the pilot project of CCTV cameras has been initiated in three schools of Delhi. The state government schools at Mori Gate and East Vinod Nagar have started using the CCTV cameras, which was inspected by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

Aside from creating the ‘Bigg Boss’ moment for children, this scheme will also function as deterrent for the teachers from coming late as the CCTV cameras will keep an eye on their timekeeping.

“The government has plans to install CCTV cameras in all the classrooms in government schools across Delhi which will boost the spirit of education and add discipline in the classroom,” Sisodia told ANI at the East Vinod Nagar school.

“The complaint against teachers of coming late or such will also be factually made on record with the help of these cameras,” he added.

As per the government, there are 700 school buildings functional in the capital and around 70,000 CCTV cameras would be required to monitor each classroom.

When asked as to how long it may take to complete the project, Sisodia said, “The project is wide and hence we are studying the expenditure and methodology of it. And once the study is completed, the government would go for a global tender for installing CCTV cameras in classrooms.”

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