Bengaluru school principal and chairman arrested after 3-year-old was sexually assaulted


Police on Thursday arrested the principal and chairman of the Bengaluru school after a three-year-old child was sexually assaulted on Monday.

Medical tests have confirmed that the child was molested. CCTV footage from school cameras that was handed over to investigators did not incriminate the school, its officials had claimed yesterday.

Medical tests later had confirmed that she was indeed sexually assaulted. Police has already arrested the security guard of the school after the victim and her older sister identified him.

School officials denied that the assualt took place in the school campus though the guard has been an employee for eight years. His own daughter is a student at the school in the posh Indira Nagar neighbourhood.

Officials at this 42-year-old school maintained that the CCTV footage they handed over to the police had evealed nothing incriminating.

Last year, another Bengaluru’s private school was in news for similar but unfortunate reason. A 7-year-old was molested by one of the members of the staff in the school campus.

After the initial anger and protest, the school was temporarily shutdown. There were calls for strict action against the school. The government stepped in and issued new rules making it compulsory to have CCTV cameras along with a thorough background verification of staff and female attendants in school buses.