Asaduddin Owaisi wants Ravi Shankar booked for incitement of violence


The AIMIM president, Asaduddin Owaisi, has lashed out at the Art of Living founder, Ravi Shankar, for warning of bloodshed if the Supreme Court’s verdict on Ayodhya went against Hindus.

File Photo: Telangana Today

“He’s giving the message of violence, he’s giving the message of threats. That’s precisely why, from the day one, I’ve been saying that this man must not be given any opportunity. He’s lying. I believe that a man who doesn’t believe in the constitution, the Supreme Court and who doesn’t want to follow India’s rule of law, must be booked for provocation and incitement. I also believe that the Supreme Court must not hear this case (Babri Mosque dispute) until the next Lok Sabha elections,” Owaisi told Aaj Tak channel.

Ravi Shankar, a known supporter of the BJP, had warned of bloodshed in the event that the Supreme Court did not rule in favour of Hindus on the Babri Mosque dispute. He told NDTV, “Suppose the court says this is Babri Masjid and this should be given away, you think the country will take that judgement easily, happily? It will be a bitter pill for the majority community to feel defeated after 500 years of conflict.. Is it easy to implement that order to give that place back. Will we be able to do this without some bloodshed? It will cause a huge problem, people know this. Let’s be realistic. Shifting that Ram Lala and making the majority community defeated, you cannot be at peace.”

Owaisi wasn’t the only leader slamming the controversial guru from Bengaluru. Sanjay Nirupam of the Congress too targetted him by urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to control such ‘foolish saints.’

He said, “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s threats of bloodshed in the context of the Ram Manidr is condemnable. Lord Ram would never condone such statements. Mr Modi must contain such foolish saints.”

Faced with widespread condemnation, Ravi Shankar was forced to issue a clarification on Tuesday stating that the intention of his statement was not to issue threats of bloodshed.

He was also accused of lying by Nirmohi Akhada, one of the key stakeholders of the Ayodhya dispute. Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, Nirmohi Akhada’s chief, Mahant Dinendra Das had categorically denied Ravi Shankar’s claims of having agreed to offer 5 acres of land to Muslims in exchange of the disputed land in Ayodhya. Contrary to Ravi Shankar’s claims, Mahant Das had also clarified that he had travelled to Bengaluru only on the former’s invitation.