Kejriwal vows to bring down Modi government as he highlights BJP’s scams including Rafale


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday was back at being the angry young man of the Indian politics. Speaking at Delhi’s Ramlila ground in front of 10,000- strong AAP supporters, Kejriwal highlighted the scams under the BJP governments both at the Centre and in states.

Urging his supporters, he said that just as they had helped him bring down the Congress government, the time for the BJP’s end too was ‘coming soon.’

He said, “Vyapam scam, Rafale scam, Birla diaries, Sahara diaries. Even judges are not safe it seems. Just as you had uprooted the Congress, the time for BJP too is coming.”

Janta Ka Reporter, in its two-part expose, had highlighted how the Centre’s Narendra Modi government may have compromised the national security by junking the previous Rafale deal struck by the then Manmohan Singh government. You can read both the first and second part of our expose here.

Kejriwal also used the platform to urge voters in Gujarat to ensure the defeat for the BJP-led government by voting for the strongest candidate against the saffron party.

He said, “Vote for such a candidate or a party who can defeat the BJP. If AAP is in a winning position in a constituency, vote for AAP. Else, vote for whoever is in a position to defeat the BJP from the seat. To defeat the BJP is the most important.”

The Delhi chief minister said that the Centre’s Modi snatching the anti-corruption department from his government smacked of its nervousness against his resolve to fight corruption at any cost.

He said, “They were so unnerved with our work that that they snatched the Anti-Corruption Bureau from us. They sent paramilitary forces – perhaps for the first time in India’s history like this – and they took over the building.”

Kejriwal had mellowed down a bit and avoided launching direct attack against Modi post unsatisfactory electoral performances in Punjab, Goa and MCD polls earlier this year.