#ArrestLucknowGirl trends after fresh video captures woman’s criminal act against helpless taxi driver in Lucknow


Twitter has exploded in anger as they demanded the Uttar Pradesh Police to arrest the woman, whose video of a criminal act against a helpless Ola driver has gone viral. Angry netizens are now trending hashtag #ArrestLucknowGirl as they urged the UP Police to arrest the woman, who they are calling a goon. What’s prompted Twitter users to demand the woman’s arrest was the emergence of a fresh CCTV video, which captured the moment when the unidentified woman launched a brutal attack on a helpless taxi driver.

In the video, vehicles could be seen approaching a busy crossing. The woman in question is seen crossing the road when she finds a taxi approaching her. The taxi stops next to where the woman was standing.

Next, the woman is seen violently approaching the taxi driver and snatching his mobile phone before smashing it on the road.

Sharing the video, journalist Arvind Chauhan tweeted, “#ArrestLucknowGirl trends on #Twitter after CCTV footage from Avadh chouraha revealed that girl was crossing the road in the middle of moving traffic. It’s not clear if the signal was red (probably it was) at that moment of incident.”

The UP Police are facing condemnation for their questionable action in the case. According to reports, the Lucknow Police filed a case against the driver, it did not book the woman despite her criminal act.

No wonder angry Twitterati have trended hashtag #ArrestLucknowGirl.

The latest development has also reignited a debate over some women abusing their privileges in India. Many wondered if our attitude to this viral video would have been if a man was found to be violently slapping a woman at a public crossing.

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