Another spectacular U-Turn! 3 years after first denying, PM Modi expresses concern on climate change


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Davos on Tuesday, when he spoke for over 50 minutes and covered a range of issues including economy, inclusiveness and climate change.

Modi also astonishingly claimed that in 2014, 600 crore people out of India’s 125 crore population gave his party an absolutely majority to govern the country.

On Climate change, Modi said that that extreme weather conditions were increasing day by day. “In such a time, all of us should have come together. But if we ask ourselves honestly, we would know the answer.,” he added.

Modi conceding that the climate change is a reality came just three-and-a-half years after he stunned Indians and people abroad by publicly denying the phenomenon of climate change.

On 5 September, 2014- the day marked as Teachers’ Day in India, Modi was interacting with students from across India through carefully orchestrated groups. This was his first big interaction programme since becoming India’s prime minister. One student from Assam asked him about his thoughts on climate change. To which Modi had said that there was no such thing called climate change.

He had said, “Climate has not changed. We have changed. Our habits have changed. Our habits have got spoiled.”

One wonders what’s the reason for this change. Has climate indeed changed in the last three plus years or our prime minister has changed.