Another Kathua in making? Jammu girl accuses BJP leader of sexually harassing her inside temple for three years, FIR filed


A Jammu girl has accused a local BJP leader, Rinku Chauhan, of sexually harassing her for nearly three years inside an Iskcon temple. The 20-year-old victim has shared her ordeal for the first time after having exhausted all her options to get reprieve from Chauhan’s continuous harassment.

आरोपी बीजेपी नेता (बाएं) और पीड़िता (दाएं)

According to the girl, Chauhan began to sexually harass her when she first started visiting the local Iskcon temple in Jammu’s Muthi area in 2016. She met Chauhan, who was also a part of the temple administration. The girl alleged that Chauhan began to harass her sexually both inside and outside the temple and even resorted to stalking.

The BJP leader allegedly threatened her of dire consequences when she protested his sexual advancements. He, according to the girl, often flaunted his position as a BJP leader to claim that no action could ever be taken against him. The girl said that she stopped serving at the temple for many months to avoid this alleged predator.

She said she even approached Chauhan’s wife and narrated her ordeal, but she insulted her publicly instead of sympathising with her situation.

“When I did not go to temple for two years, Rinku Chauhan even came to my house on several occasions and pressurised me to resume my temple visits.” the girl said.

She later shared her experience with her parents, who contacted the temple administration about the matter. The temple administration reportedly sacked Chauhan from its team. This, the girl said, paved the way for her return to the temple in October last year. But she was in for a shock.

“After I started visiting the temple, I saw Rinku Chauhan too was coming there. He started sexually harassing me like he would do in the past. On few occasions, he began to force himself on me,” the girl added.

Left with no option, the girl filed an FIR against the BJP leader on 5 May at Jammu’s Domana Police Station. Chauhan was briefly arrested but he’s now out on bail.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, Chauhan denied allegations of sexual harassment against him and blamed the National Conference behind this ‘conspiracy.’ He said that he will hold a press conference on Monday to reveal the ‘truth.’

The police, for its part, told Janta Ka Reporter that the accused was out on bail adding that ‘we needed to contact their seniors for more details on this case.’