Amit Shah visits Jharkhand, reporters boycott his event mocking PM Modi’s development slogans


BJP President Amit Shah was recently in Jharkhand for a three-day visit during which he also addressed what was billed as Gharib Kalyan Mela in Ranchi.

As expected, Shah did not forget to target Congress and its Vice President, Rahul Gandhi, who he kept mockingly address as Rahul Baba.

With over three years in government, Shah still demanded ‘hisab(account)’ of previous Congress governments. He said, “Rahul baba speaks a lot in America. But first of all Rahul baba should give ‘hisab’ (accounts) of his four generations which had ruled the country for 50 years.”

Shah and his party colleagues have been visibly rattled by Gandhi’s speech at University of California, Berkley, last week, when the Congress VP launched stunning attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, Shah’s visit to Jharkhand was marred by considerable anger among the local journalists, who were allegedly ill-treated by the organisers allegedly at the behest of the BJP president.

A video of aggrieved journalists accusing Shah and Jharkhand chief minister, Raghubar Das, of arrogance of power has gone viral now. Angered by poor treatment, the journalists said that they were forcing to boycott the BJP president’s event with Jharkhand chamber of commerce bigwigs.

In the video (watch below), one journalist is seen launching scathing criticism for both Shah and the BJP while mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s famous election slogan, sab ka saath, sab ka vikas.’

The reporters, who boycotted the Amit Shah’s event, conceded that their action was not going to have any impact on the coverage in the newspapers since the newspaper owners were hand in glove with the BJP leaders after having mortgaged their editorial freedom.