American sponsor objects to Patanjali logo on publicity material of IIT event, miffed Ramdev backs out

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The American sponsor, which had originally pulled out of the event being organised by IIT-Madras, is back on board forcing Ramdev to withdraw his participation as the chief guest. 

MD Anderson Cancer Center, a Texas-based research and treatment facility, had publicly demanded the removal of its name and logo from promotional material of the 7th International Translational Cancer Research Conference. The event, themed ‘Cancer prevention and treatment: From Ancient Medicine to Modern Medicine’, was scheduled to be hosted by IIT Madras on 8 Februaty (today).

Responding to a tweet by Ivan Oransky, co-founder of RetractionWatch, the official Twitter handle of MD Anderson Cancer Centre announced that it had no association with the event and its name and logo were being used without their permission.

It said, “In the past, MD Anderson has sponsored this conference through its Global Academic Program. But this year, we’re not a sponsor. Our name and logo are being used without permission, and we’ve requested they be removed from promotional materials.”

According to sources close to the dean of IIT Madras, Krishnan Balasubramaniam, told Janta Ka Reporter that the American Director had categorically told them that he did not want Patanjali logo on the publicity materials of the IIT event.

“When the IIT professor conveyed this to Ramdev, he chose to back out of the event. Anderson is now back as usual and they have already conveyed this in an email to the professor and the dean.”

MD Anderson Cancer Center had sponsored the event in the past in 2016. Responding to the news article by The New Indian Express, Oransky had said, “To say that this cancer conference, of which @MDAndersonNews is a co-sponsor, has a lot of red flags is an understatement. Read this for why.”

An MD Anderson was quoted by New Indian Express as saying that two MD Anderson faculty members — Varsha Gandhi and Sen Pathak —listed as the organisers of the event, were involved in the event on ‘their personal time’.

Ramdev in 2017 had said that he agreed with Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma that cancer was the result of sins committed in one’s past life. “Everything is related to karma, our birth and death are related to karma. Several reasons cause diseases and one among them is karma,” he had said.


  1. HARE KRISHNA. Ramdevji has proved himself to be compassionate person. So atleast we must respect him properly. Anderson may be intelligent in medicine but they should be more open minded. Science is Knowledge (Veda) and so is Devotional service. Both are required for human life. It is a misfortune if some one is fanatic. Devotees never criticize genuine science. After all the intelligence of a scientist is awarded by SRI KRISHNA.


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