All government servants must send their children to government-run schools: Allahabad High Court


The Allahabad High Court on Tuesday ordered all the government servants to send their kids to primary school run by state government’s education board.

Hearing several petitions on the appalling condition of the government-run primary schools, Justice Sudhir Agarwal directed the chief secretary to ensure that elected representatives and every person getting his/her salary or any other benefit from state or public fund to send their kids to primary school run by state government’s education board.

Justice Agarwal said that the order also applied to the children from the members of the judiciary too adding that the chief secretary must take requisite steps within six months to make sure the order is executed in time for the beginning of the next academic session.

The court believes that this will force government servants to seriously look after the requirements and development of the schools run by state government. Justice Agarwal also ordered that in case of non-compliance of this order by government servants, the offenders will  have to deposit an amount equivalent to the school fees if their children are admitted to private schools or any school which is not run by the state government.

The court also said that any such person not abiding by the orders will be denied other government benefits such as increment and promotion opportunities for a certain period of time.

Justice Agarwal was hearing petitions filed by Umesh Kumar Singh and others who had challenged the process of selection of Associate Teachers for government-run primary and junior high schools in UP for 2013 and 2015. Court also pointed out the “mindless, negligent, casual amendments” in rules pertaining to appointment of teachers.