So Ali Asgar did not leave Kapil Sharma Show in solidarity with Sunil Grover


Some months ago, when a controversy rocked Kapil Sharma Show, several lead actors including Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar abruptly parted ways with the popular Sony TV show.

However, Ali Asgar has finally broken his silence suggesting that his quitting the show had nothing to do with the in-flight brawl involving Sharma and Grover.

He was quoted by IANS as saying, “We worked there for the longest period of time, but after a certain point, there was a time when I felt that I should move from the show because I had creative differences with Kapil and his team. My character wasn’t going anywhere and it was becoming stagnant and I felt there was no scope for creative improvement.”

Asgar along with Grover will appear in a special Sony TV show, where Salman Khan and Sohail Khan will be seen as big guests. Insiders say that Sony is experimenting with this show to see if Grover can hold his audiences on his own before the channel decides to launch a new show with him as a headline act.

That’s because Kapil Sharma Show’s ratings have sharply fallen since his co-stars left.

Asgar said that he missed Kapil Sharma Show but he had no option but to part ways with Sharma.

“I really miss that show. It was unfortunate, but there are some times when you have to take certain kind of decisions,” Ali Asgar said, reported IANS. He also insisted that he has nothing against former co-star Kapil Sharma. “Why should I have any grudges against him? We only had professional creative differences with each other. I have nothing personal against him. I learned a lot from Kapil in terms of timing. We had some good memories on the show,” IANS quoted as saying.

In March, Sharma was involved in an in-flight fight with Grover with some reports suggesting that he even threw shoe at his co-star, famous for Dr Mashoor Gulati character.

Sharma later apologised on Twitter, but that failed to pacify Grover, who had decided to move on.