Midnight VVIP racism by Air India, reported by ‘citizen journalist Rajdeep Sardesai


It’s little over 2 am on Saturday and Delhi airport has just witnessed quite a dramatic turn of events.

In a spectacular development, Air India asked the pilots to leave the Odisha-bound flight to instead fly the plane meant for Bhopal.

That’s because the Bhopal-bound flight had three very important VVIPs- two judges and a state BJP minister Sartaj Singh.

This development caused considerable outrage among the passengers who thought they were about to fly to Bhubaneshwar. They included a BJD MP Thathagatha Sathpathy, who decided to stage dharna inside the airport against this blatant case of VVIP racism.

The Bhopal flight was cancelled due to ‘technical reasons’ but the real reason was allegedly the pilot’s refusal after he said his ‘duty time is over.’

The entire chain of events was being reported on micro-blogging site twitter by senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai, who earned plenty of plaudits for his ‘citizen journalism. (Read Sardesai’s tweets in order of how they were posted by him below).

Interestingly, Sardesai is credited with starting the idea of citizen journalism on CNN-IBN, a channel he had launched in his ‘past’ life.

Sardesai too was among the list of passengers travelling to Bhubaneshwar.