Ahmed Patel decides to file defamation case against Vijay Rupani


Veteran Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP, Ahmed Patel, has decided to file a criminal defamation case against the incumbent Gujarat chief minister, Vijay Rupani.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, a source close to Patel said that the political secretary to Sonia Gandhi was in talks with his lawyers to seek advise on filing a criminal defamation case against Rupani.

“In his desperation to lose elections, Rupani has resorted to his party’s old dirty tricks. By alleging that the men arrested on terrorism charges Rupani and his bosses have clearly tried to communalise the campaign since they have no answers on questions related to fake Gujarat Model story. AP is talking to his lawyers. Since courts are closed over the weekend. we will file the defamation case over the weekend.”

Not so long ago, Patel had thwarted BJP’s desperate attempts to foil his Rajya Sabha victory. Since his victory in the Rajya Sabha polls, the Congress workers have gone on offensive with their campaign particularly on social media platforms.

Already on the backfoot because of the aggressive campaign by the Congress party, Rupani on Friday had demanded Congress leader Ahmed Patel’s resignation as Rajya Sabha MP alleging that one of the two youth arrested recently for suspected ISIS links, used to work at a hospital where Patel was a trustee earlier.

However, Janta Ka Reporter is in exclusive possession of a letter that shows the Congress’s Rajya Sabha MP had resigned as a strustee from that hospital way back in September 2013. It effectively means that Patel has had nothing to do with the hospital management for over four years now.