After questioning Mohan Bhagwat’s Z+ security cover, Rajasthan BJP spokesman quits under pressure: Reports


Rajasthan BJP spokesman Kailash Nath Bhatt who had recently questioned the Z+ security provided to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat tendered his resignation from the post of party spokesperson today.

Bhatt even posted a copy of the resignation letter on his Facebook page but did not state the reason for the same.

Speaking to the Indian Express he said,

“My post on Shri Bhagwat offended many within and outside the party…so I decided to tender my resignation.”

Earlier on Monday, Bhatt had expressed surprise at Bhagwat’s security level upgradation to Z-plus.
“I don’t know why param pujya Sarsanghachalak ji has been given Z-plus security and whether he has accepted it. God has the responsibility of looking after everyone, then why fear? (Former PM) Indira Gandhi was assassinated by security guards,” he wrote.

“Please think…will this security arrangement not distance you from the ordinary Swayamsevak? Won’t it be called a status symbol? Sorry…but I couldn’t stop myself from expressing my opinion,” he said.
Later, he had apologised in the comments section of the same post, saying he had spoken with “half and premature” knowledge.

“After talking to friends and Swayamsevaks, I admit my mistake. Today, some powers are trying to weaken and destabilize the nation…therefore, the security cover to param pujya Sarsanghachalak ji is extremely important in national interest,” he said.